Wanna have a resource-friendly living?

Welcome here, to Aquatricity!

Sustainable Engineering

Aquatricity is an IoT-based system that helps users optimize their water and energy consumption by giving them awareness, a smart metering system and solution suggestions.

Social Enterprise

We are not just profit-oriented like any ordinary business you know. Aquatricity is rather impact-oriented in the first place. Our goal is to achieve a socio-environmental impact, including a behavior change.

Aquatricity Logo IoT Startup Project
Internet of Things, Internet of Everything - Aquatricity
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Internet of Things, of Everything

An interrelated system involving WiFi-connected meters and the mobile app just in your pocket: that’s IoT.
But you will interact with the system: Welcome to the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Where we started from….

Aquatricity from UNDP Youth Leadership Programme YLP6

UNDP Youth Leadership Programme YLP6

Aquatricity from MIT Lebanon Challenge 2020

MITLebanon Challenge 2020

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